Platonic love

Nourish  with an open heart  ,

ask for nothing,

search within you   and  watch  the splendour

of unconditional   love dance  in your eyes.

(For what love consist of )

It was never   an instrument  of no one  possession,

it was never an act of aggression.

Was never an attitude,

a perversion,

a regression.

Was never  a selfish purpose to  concord

in deception .

love is  when embracing  all the potentials

a state of   bliss   in communion

with all  creation!

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Saiba Cassone

Saiba Cassone

I have been writing for many years my first passion was poetry and prose ,recently I got involved in philosophy and metaphysics. I grew up in Italy where each shape of art is everywhere and in everything. I live in the bay area came to S.F at age 20 during the time of the hippies ,the sex revolution .

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