Reflection n.2

No vision of consolation for my afflicted love.
I am perishing in the arms of the desert.
Nothing can nourish my spirit of goodness,
because your divine eyes now are looking a different
I am here silent,can you hear me?
Nothing is left ,but selfishness and brutality.
Death is stronger than life,but
love is stronger than death,
and if I soon die I remain in the arms of the desert
watching your golden hair flying
on the wings of life.
I am here silent can you hear me?
Nothing can hide my love for you,because this wanting truth was a revelation to my sight and
the freedom of my passion was keeping you before
the declination of the flesh,but
you disintegrated with the velocity of the wind.
I am perishing in the arms of the desert,
no words,no sounds,only silence,
can you hear me?
Nothing can ever detach me from you–
I may sing again with the waves of the sea,
my voice will dissuades you from your sleep with
a melody of peace and in peace you remain like
an eternal paradise.
Don’t hesitate if our world is sad.
Many times sadness can make us feel an infinity of things like the overflow of our sentiments.
Do not hesitate,
we know that love creates itself more powerful.
I am here silent ,
can anyone hear me??

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