Look into the mirror

What are your believes but the foundation of the generation before you

projecting  into you all the reasons of who you are and how you should

live your life?

Yes this  is the living result  of every culture .

each culture  with their established rules is broadcasting

conditions and laws imposed  on the freedom of your gift of life.

Look in the mirror now and ASK:

Who in the hell are you culture?

Who gave you the right to define ?

The right to torture ,to kill, to Neal to the illusion of your deception .

There is no freedom in your accumulates  knowledge !

There is no love to balance your minimalistic nature.

There is no star to illuminate your miscalculations ,

your deprived  limited interpretations .

There is no star to illuminate your integrations

your motivations ..







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Saiba Cassone

Saiba Cassone

I have been writing for many years my first passion was poetry and prose ,recently I got involved in philosophy and metaphysics. I grew up in Italy where each shape of art is everywhere and in everything. I live in the bay area came to S.F at age 20 during the time of the hippies ,the sex revolution .

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