No time left

It is time the light of truth it’s been writing for a long time.

The singing heroes of giving hands are reaching out for peace

created before the multitude of all generations.

2 ascending transcending—-

prophecy it’s a light into the future ,the momentum  of earthly events

can be seen before they actually occur,

the multidimensional self vibrates in the future therefore

anyone can posses the ability to perceive and visualize the future,

it’s just a matter  of your being projecting  above

the material human’s affairs …Saiba Cassone

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Saiba Cassone

Saiba Cassone

I have been writing for many years my first passion was poetry and prose ,recently I got involved in philosophy and metaphysics. I grew up in Italy where each shape of art is everywhere and in everything. I live in the bay area came to S.F at age 20 during the time of the hippies ,the sex revolution .

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