She watches me in the mirror preparing to met you. She doesn’t know. She must know.There are your fingerprints everywhere and they shine though my skin like coins from the bottom of a pool. People who know me are surprised they say I look different, but it has nothing to do with hair or neckline […]

Reflection n.2

No vision of consolation for my afflicted love. I am perishing in the arms of the desert. Nothing can nourish my spirit of goodness, because your divine eyes now are looking a different direction. I am here silent,can you hear me? Nothing is left ,but selfishness and brutality. Death is stronger than life,but love is […]

Reflection N.1

Every angel is wonderful,I am welcome in their homes,but they look at me with curiosity. You success of creation is only an illusion to participate with your future. Look at the pregnant woman she gives life to a new born and after the pains in her body and half experience,she goes back to the same […]

Platonic love

Nourish  with an open heart  , ask for nothing, search within you   and  watch  the splendour of unconditional   love dance  in your eyes. (For what love consist of ) It was never   an instrument  of no one  possession, it was never an act of aggression. Was never an attitude, a perversion, a regression. Was never  […]