Reflection N.1

Reflection N.1

Every angel is wonderful,I am welcome in their homes,but
they look at me with curiosity.
You success of creation is only an illusion
to participate with your future.
Look at the pregnant woman she gives life to a new born
and after the pains in her body and half experience,she goes back to the same level.
Look at the trees,they change colors and the leaves
are flying quietly in the air.
Look at patience she presses you for the emergency of your
right and for the truth that perhaps you will meet in a strange night.
Look at lovers: (Ask for something that always remains behind the evidence of hypocrisy.
Alert we defend the sensations than after an entire year
we meet new deplorable alterations,
than a persistent cold air seeks the nobility of our blood.
Look angel look!
But the wind of man stops your tongue and your true words.
Roses fresh roses to the dead lovers
and we continue to kill the right.
When we were born everything was accomplished,day after day,
step after step you began to love the mortal,
not the immortal.

Look now the tiredness on your face!
In your mind a repeating question jumps in the color of your
eyes,( DO I EXIST?)
Look at generosity and you that are an angel want
to mix it with the happiness in your heart,because
happy made you to give and give without return.
Now something speculating your losing soul, but
still you forgive,you forget and continue to give.
Look at your mentality:
You developed it with the mind of others and after you wear a nice dress you say to yourself ( I AM AN INDIVIDUAL!)
Individually you find pleasure when you kill beauty.
Look at the superficial,
when you are getting up from your sleep you repeat phrases that other thousands have been repeating for years
behind things already accomplished.
Every angel is wonderful !
I am welcome in their homes,
but they look at me with curiosity and kill my beauty..

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