What is the bahai faith?

What is the bahai faith?

The Bahai faith is the newest of the world religion.
Only recently has the public come to recognize that it is,
in fact, a major religion- One worthy of study
and reflection.
The Bahai faith began in Persia (now Iran) in the middle
of the nineteenth century founded in 1844 by the Bab
whose name means (Gate or door)
Bahai faith promised one of all the world’s religion,
who would usher in an age of peace for all mankind
His name Bahaullah which means ( the glory of God)
He said the time had come for humanity to unite under
a common faith.
He revealed a plan for world civilization to be built on
a foundation of love and justice.
Each individual is responsible for investigating
truth for himself.
Science and religion harmonize.
Science without religion is materialism—
religion without science is superstition.
Men and women are equal like the two wings of one bird.
Each child is intitled to a sound basic education.
There is a spiritual solution to economic problems.
The would needs an international auxiliary language.
We must establish a universal peace protected by a world commonwealth.

Ok I did not write the bahai faith,but
I identify with his revelation ,because for world peace
we do need what is described .

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