Prison planet

Prison planet

So very much it’s been writing and discovered  of this magnificent planet of

life continuously growing and evolving from the seed of life
giving to each and everything in the splendor of the
inner force ,with each heart bit .
With all melodies writing and printed in the book of life,
in the gravity of each motion ,of each energy transfer
to one and the other,to the magic sculptured in stones,

to the progression of creation,to the balance

dancing in perfect harmony.


The enslavement of mankind corrupted dismantled

the true purpose  of growth and evolution.

This occurrence is part of incrimination  of the domination

that shut down the ability to reproduce

the harmonious balance of creation.

Much to many are spending all their lives  believing

nothing but lies .

Some searching souls came to this realization and

do search and seek a new foundation …


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