Please let’s not watch television,read newspapers,radio,etc,etc.                        Chapter 1


once disengaged from the frequency of stress ,chaos and hustle,

we begin to get clear!

To see clear is to see the actual reality of what’s around the outside world

as well as our inner self.

Please let’s not watch television ,read news paper,radio etc etc.

Who wants to be shaped as a tool of all injected propaganda?

The establishment does  not reveal the truth! What’s established to be

is an orchestration of control!

Our existence in this society is defined by having degrees?

Education yes is the pursuit of knowledge  also

knowledge comes in so many other ways!

Let’s go and take a long walk in the desert,most things writing in school books do not

believe that what we have being taught is actually true and correct!

The five senses that we were taught to use are not the only ones,when comes

to actual perceptions the printing resides in feelings.

IT is the intuitive psychic self that gains knowledge,but sadly it’s been suppressed

to the point of no return by the frequency of control ,malevolence and bad information ‘s

Chapter  2

When we received the gift of birth we came free and naked as a single seed

without all incubation, misleading information’s ,without a earthly agenda,

without any intention of evil disposition —

we where free of the bondage created by the ones before US!

Now and after,before and always,after all the accumulated mortal vain experiences ,

after the tribulations for sicking freedom from the bondage of planet earth

I bend on my knees too reclaim the seed of my birth!

To reclaim what was before the pure essence of being,the purity and the

splendor of beauty in the infinite universe, in all creations flying free in the

abundance of true love entities,of true love energies.

without the pain of sin and punishment, without the tyranny of the controlling power

that has shaped and  enslaved humanity from the beginning of earth time.











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