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Platonic love

Nourish  with an open heart  ,

ask for nothing,

search within you   and  watch  the splendour

of unconditional   love dance  in your eyes.

(For what love consist of )

It was never   an instrument  of no one  possession,

it was never an act of aggression.

Was never an attitude,

a perversion,

a regression.

Was never  a selfish purpose to  concord

in deception .

love is  when embracing  all the potentials

a state of   bliss   in communion

with all  creation!

Comments on the E book —The illusion of time

The Illusion of Time writings are based on my personal experiences.

I felt a very strong impulse to write down  how very cold and

hypocritical  the structure of societies  are.

How just about everything is calculated and set up to have a specific response from the mass, in other words the matrix.

The propaganda at work.

The Illusion of Time by Saiba Cassone

Dare to explore the actual reality of world events. “Freedom is the opposite of what they are telling us to do!” Tita Saiba Cassone has been writing since she was a young woman. Tita started with poetry then later got into writing about the world and current events. In The Illusion of Time, Tita condenses modern history and the human condition into a concise and easy to read book. A book worth reading many times, it will inspire your creativity and reshape the way you view life and the world around you.