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For sin and punishment there is only

one answer:We all here to learn each earthly lesson,

to manifest tribulations  to all connections

and all disregarded limitations.

We all have gifts according to our development  .

There is no ending to discovery and creation.

We all emerge in new resurrections.

For sin and punishment there is only one answer ,

cut the chain  ,cut the struggle of the Matrix.

The institutionalize man made visions and deprivations ..

Prison planet

So very much it’s been writing and discovered  of this magnificent planet of

life continuously growing and evolving from the seed of life
giving to each and everything in the splendor of the
inner force ,with each heart bit .
With all melodies writing and printed in the book of life,
in the gravity of each motion ,of each energy transfer
to one and the other,to the magic sculptured in stones,

to the progression of creation,to the balance

dancing in perfect harmony.


The enslavement of mankind corrupted dismantled

the true purpose  of growth and evolution.

This occurrence is part of incrimination  of the domination

that shut down the ability to reproduce

the harmonious balance of creation.

Much to many are spending all their lives  believing

nothing but lies .

Some searching souls came to this realization and

do search and seek a new foundation …



There is no freedom in your accumulated knowledge . 1
There is no love to balance your beastly nature.

2 There is no star to illuminate your miscalculations ,
your depraved limited interpretations.

There is no star to illuminate your integration,
your motivations !

Look into the mirror

What are your believes but the foundation of the generation before you

projecting  into you all the reasons of who you are and how you should

live your life?

Yes this  is the living result  of every culture .

each culture  with their established rules is broadcasting

conditions and laws imposed  on the freedom of your gift of life.

Look in the mirror now and ASK:

Who in the hell are you culture?

Who gave you the right to define ?

The right to torture ,to kill, to Neal to the illusion of your deception .

There is no freedom in your accumulates  knowledge !

There is no love to balance your minimalistic nature.

There is no star to illuminate your miscalculations ,

your deprived  limited interpretations .

There is no star to illuminate your integrations

your motivations ..







Acceptance of the oneness of mankind

Acceptance of the oneness of mankind is the first
fundamental prerequisite for reorganization and
administration of the world as one country,
the home of mankind.
Universal acceptance of this spiritual principle
is essential to any successful attempt
to establish world peace.
It should therefore be universally proclaimed,
taught in school,and constantly asserted in every nation as preparation for the organic change
in the structure of society which it implies.
Recognition of the oneness of mankind calls
for no less than the reconstruction and the
demilitarization of the whole civilized world.
A world organically unified in all the essential
aspects of its life,its political machinery,
its spiritual aspiration,its trade and finance,its
script and language,and yet infinite in the diversity
of the national characteristics of its federated units.

What is the bahai faith?

The Bahai faith is the newest of the world religion.
Only recently has the public come to recognize that it is,
in fact, a major religion- One worthy of study
and reflection.
The Bahai faith began in Persia (now Iran) in the middle
of the nineteenth century founded in 1844 by the Bab
whose name means (Gate or door)
Bahai faith promised one of all the world’s religion,
who would usher in an age of peace for all mankind
His name Bahaullah which means ( the glory of God)
He said the time had come for humanity to unite under
a common faith.
He revealed a plan for world civilization to be built on
a foundation of love and justice.
Each individual is responsible for investigating
truth for himself.
Science and religion harmonize.
Science without religion is materialism—
religion without science is superstition.
Men and women are equal like the two wings of one bird.
Each child is intitled to a sound basic education.
There is a spiritual solution to economic problems.
The would needs an international auxiliary language.
We must establish a universal peace protected by a world commonwealth.

Ok I did not write the bahai faith,but
I identify with his revelation ,because for world peace
we do need what is described .

Remember me

When the rays of the sun are colouring the shore
remember me.
When in the silence of the night you hear an
echo sing and softly is touching your face
remember me.
When someone offers you a flower and you
find beauty in it,
remember all our flowers
now dispersed but alive.
When tiredness restores you in the quietness
of your sleep and joyfully dreams are
taking you away,
remember me.

directions trough fingers

Today no one really knows what the future holds,
but than again let’s think about this for a few moments!
There is a future alive and well.
It’s a projection living in the abstract ,in the immaterial space capable to project itself
into energy to whom is the receiver
of the frequency .
Predictions have always been made down here
from an above dimension to substantiate an
imminent occurrence .
There are minds that can read the stars and
the evolution of other forms and shapes
with a higher intelligence ,with a higher absorbing
channels ,therefore have the ability to know
future events on this gravity on earth into witch
man decided to call (DESTINY)
Today no one really knows what the future holds?
Some minds do know ,but they wont
tell us…

Reflection N.1

Every angel is wonderful,I am welcome in their homes,but
they look at me with curiosity.
You success of creation is only an illusion
to participate with your future.
Look at the pregnant woman she gives life to a new born
and after the pains in her body and half experience,she goes back to the same level.
Look at the trees,they change colors and the leaves
are flying quietly in the air.
Look at patience she presses you for the emergency of your
right and for the truth that perhaps you will meet in a strange night.
Look at lovers: (Ask for something that always remains behind the evidence of hypocrisy.
Alert we defend the sensations than after an entire year
we meet new deplorable alterations,
than a persistent cold air seeks the nobility of our blood.
Look angel look!
But the wind of man stops your tongue and your true words.
Roses fresh roses to the dead lovers
and we continue to kill the right.
When we were born everything was accomplished,day after day,
step after step you began to love the mortal,
not the immortal.

Look now the tiredness on your face!
In your mind a repeating question jumps in the color of your
eyes,( DO I EXIST?)
Look at generosity and you that are an angel want
to mix it with the happiness in your heart,because
happy made you to give and give without return.
Now something speculating your losing soul, but
still you forgive,you forget and continue to give.
Look at your mentality:
You developed it with the mind of others and after you wear a nice dress you say to yourself ( I AM AN INDIVIDUAL!)
Individually you find pleasure when you kill beauty.
Look at the superficial,
when you are getting up from your sleep you repeat phrases that other thousands have been repeating for years
behind things already accomplished.
Every angel is wonderful !
I am welcome in their homes,
but they look at me with curiosity and kill my beauty..

Platonic love

Nourish  with an open heart  ,

ask for nothing,

search within you   and  watch  the splendour

of unconditional   love dance  in your eyes.

(For what love consist of )

It was never   an instrument  of no one  possession,

it was never an act of aggression.

Was never an attitude,

a perversion,

a regression.

Was never  a selfish purpose to  concord

in deception .

love is  when embracing  all the potentials

a state of   bliss   in communion

with all  creation!